High Volume Automotive Tube Bending

Automotive Tube - Exhaust Systems

The challenging environment of automotive tube production requires a robust machine. HMT All Electric Benders are specifically designed for running 24/7 production with reduced maintenance requirements.

HMT offers production cells with automatic loading and unloading with an integrated tube shear on it’s multi-stack cnc tube benders. The machines quad stack design allows for a shear unit to be mounted on the bottom stack while the remaining 3 stacks can be used for bending dies.

The efficient design does not require the use of an additional drive system to operate the shear.

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Cell Automation for High Volume

Optimize material and production

Material savings can be realized by shearing between bends thus reducing the straight length requirement. Multi-bend parts as well as multi-part sequences can be programmed in one straight of tube to optimize material savings.


Value priced, high payback tube benders for small automotive tubes

Small OD Automotive Tube Benders with or without automatic loading and unloading

  • 18mm Designed for3/16” to 5/8” OD All Alloys & Steel

  • 30mm Designed for1/4” to 1” OD All Alloys & Steel

  • 2 & 3 stack models, up to 5 stack

  • High Production Rates with fast part to part cycles

  • Available with automatic loader and unloading

  • Electric Servo bending, accurate & fast

  • Hydraulic Clamp and PD & mandrel actuation

  • Optional Servo PDA can be used to match bend speed

  • Featuring BendPro CNC, the #1 bender control

  • All Components are readily available and non proprietary

18mm Hybrid CNC Tube Bender for Automotive tube

Perfect for smaller tubes used in automotive production. This machine is in use in many factories around the world. The machine is value priced with high payback ratios.

Automatic loading and unloading are available on both 18mm and 30mm models.


30mm All Electric CNC bender for Automotive Tube

This machine is available in both Hybrid and All electric versions. The versatile machine can draw bend and push roll tubes up to 1.125 OD. It has multi-stack tooling capability to accommodate different radius bends, special clamping or compound bend requirements.