Laser Tube Cutting & CNC Flat Sheet Laser Cutting Solutions

Automatic Tube Laser

Tube Laser, Laser Tube cutting machine, BLM, Trumpf, LVD, Mazak

Fully automatic CNC laser tube cutting machine, which utilizes an automatic loader and unloader allowing this machine to run continuously with minimal operator involvement.

Flat Sheet & Tube Laser

laser cutting

CNC flat sheet and tube laser allows the user to process both tubing and sheet metal on the same machine at a much lower cost than buying a specialized machine for each process.

Semi Automatic Tube Laser

Tube Laser, Laser Tube cutting machine, BLM, Trumpf, LVD, Mazak

Full CNC laser tube cutting machine with a semi automatic loader in which the loader presents the tube into the work area of the machine then the operator must load the tube into the chuck and tighten it.

Flat Sheet Laser

CNC laser cutting

Fully automatic CNC flat sheet laser utilizes an automatic double exchange platform for continuous cutting without waiting to load the next piece of material.

The HMT line of  semi automatic and fully automatic laser cutting machines are easy to use and produce high quality parts due to its operator friendly interface and precision fiber laser technology. These machine use high speed servo motors to execute precision positioning and quick non value added movements which will increase the production of your laser cutting requirements. With the high level of production and low price point of our machines, it is easy to achieve a return on your investment compared to many of our competitors which can be as much as three times the cost of our machines. Even with such a competitive price, our machines are well built and use quality components sourced from around the world to provide you with a world class machine. All support for our laser products will be provided by HMT to ensure our customers get the proper care their machines need to keep running at full capacity. All sourced components have support offices in the US  for reliable service and support. HMT also carries all major components in stock for quick replacement of defective or malfunction components.