Flat Sheet Laser Cutting & Laser Tube Cutting

laser cutting

The FLTS1530 flat sheet and tube laser cutting system produces high quality parts in a variety of shapes and sizes with the ability to cut both sheet metal and tubing. By utilizing its fiber laser cutting technology, this machine can combine many processes onto one platform. As most parts require a multitude of processes such as conventional saw cutting, drilling, machining, punching, and engraving, the FLTS1530 can achieve all these processes on one machine. Combining all these processes into one machine saves time and cost when processing parts in large batches yet the machines versatility allows the user to easily make prototypes or small batch production. This machine also utilizes high speed servos for quick and precise positioning which decreases the time for non value added movements. These High speed servos in conjunction with the powerful fiber laser can decrease part cutting times and increase production allowing for a higher return on investment for the end user. This machine is also equipped with a full enclosure and a safety interlock system to ensure the operator is safe while the machine is active. HMT will provide full service and support for our laser machines, including a full stock of spare parts and components to ensure our customers receive replacement parts quickly and effectively.


All components and software supported from the USA


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