All Electric CNC Push Bending

Horn Machine Tools, Inc is one of the tube bending industry leading suppliers of All Electric CNC push bending or push rolling machines. This process is similar to traditional three roll forming but uses the force of the CNC bender carriage to push the tube though the rolls.

Several advantages of All Electric CNC Push Bending:

  • The arc length of the bend is precisely controlled.

  • The tube can be twisted into a spiral or coil.

  • The part shape can contain both draw bends and roll bends.

  • An internal mandrel can be used to maintain shape.

The All Electric CNC Push Bending machines from HMT can be used to form many complicated shapes. Designers can combine tight radius rotary draw bends with larger a radius  to create unique shapes that are also production friendly.

HMT has produced many machines for a wide variety of CNC push bending applications. We have vast knowledge of materials, tooling and machine design and configuration specifically related to push bending

HMT offers BendPro software for CNC push bending applications. We have the ability to import model files and create part simulations in seconds.

CNC Push Bending - Software

Take model files from "Art to Part" efficiently

Import the Model File

As an entire assembly or single component

Select the Tube Shape

Automatically or by touching on straights

Automatically Generate Data

The tube shape geometry is displayed and saved

Simulate the Tube Being Formed

Using a precise model file of your machine

All Electric CNC Push Bending


All Electric-

  • Uses precise direct drive servo motor system to  produce and maintain precise position of the clamp and PD rollers

  • Set-up, once proved is automatically repeated. No manual adjustments.

  • Adjustments to radius are done from the control panel.

Helical Interpolation - Forming Coils and Helix Shape Tubes

All Electric CNC Push benders from HMT support helical interpolation of tube to form spirals, coils and helix shapes.

Variable Radius Tube Forming

All Electric CNC Push benders from HMT support variable radius generation to form parts with a non-constant radius.

Profile Shape Tube Forming

All Electric CNC Push benders from HMT support forming of profile shapes with variable radius or a combination of tight radius mandrel draw bends in combination with larger radius push bending in the same process.

Please send your model files to HMT for evaluation and simulation of the part for knowing possible interference, tooling requirements and cycle time.


Hybrid Electric CNC Push Bending

hybrid electric cnc push rolling

Hybrid Electric-

  • Uses manual adjustment system to produce and maintain position on clamp and PD rollers.

  • Set-up, once proved, must be carefully repeated to produce consistent results.

  • Adjustments to radius are done manually on the machine with a jack screw.

variable radius all electric cnc push bending interpolation star unison blm crippa

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