HMT Tube Bender Controls and Controls Software Provide Full Functionality

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is proud to supply the most innovative tube bender controls and controls software available today. Our team of tube bending machine experts also repairs, rebuilds, and retrofits older control systems, including: Adaptive Motion Control Systems, Eagle Precision Technologies, Addison McKee, Pines Technology, Unison, BLM, Techno, UTE, Alpine,  SOCO and most other brands .


Our stock of controls and software includes BendPro CNC Controls, The #1 CNC tube bender control.

HMT has been using BendPro since 2001 and is the largest and most knowledgeable installer of BendPro. There are 1,000’s installed in North America.


The M4 is the low cost, exclusive control system for our Horn Metric Line of tube bending machines. It features:


• Free Editing Capabilities—Change the sequence of machine moves by changing editing values

• Teach Mode—The tube bending machine can learn new target positions for bending axes, allowing for infinite ways to teach axes to move simultaneously

• Real Time Viewing—Operators can watch tube bender moves on a touch screen while the machine is running

• Choose Formats—These templates are available for “Tooling spec”, “Machine Spec”, “Tubing Spec”, “Pressure Spec”, and more. Set them to manual or auto mode for convenience.

• Extra Input/Output Modules—Add these for additional equipment required to work alongside your tube bender

• 2-Way CMM Communication—Transfer measurement information between the tube measuring systems and the bender control, including correction data

• Online Troubleshooting—Support engineers solves issues through the exclusive online Teamviewer application


Horn Machine Tools, Inc. also offers the V-Tube Step, specifically designed for tube fabricators. This software opens up hard-to-read connections from older solid models. V-Tube Step includes:


• Virtual Measure Collection Control—Choose the geometry in the tube straights to provide you with the most accurate data

• Precise Calculation Display Geometry—Allows you to break the tube to view what is happening within the diameter

• Multiple-Model Import—Select any number of IGES or STEP files to import, just by zooming an and choosing the particular tube to be measured