BendPro CNC control - HMT Offers the #1 CNC Control for all types of Tubing Benders

BendPro CNC Control; Here at Horn Machine Tools, Inc., we provide the best controls available for CNC tube benders. Considered the #1 control available, we’ve installed hundreds of the BendPro CNC control units across North America. The BendPro CNC control systems are considered the most flexible CNC tube bender control for all makes and models. We have used them since 2001, they have a proven record of reliability.

 The BendPro CNC control uses high quality components. The Beckhoff PC is completely sealed. The I/O system utilizes high speed Ethernet communications. Many components are standard off the shelf parts made by Allen-Bradley.

Available Software Platforms:

  • BendPro CNC control G2v2—The universal BendPro CNC control can interface to any tube bender. Installed and configured for your specific application, it includes advanced teach modes and superior online technical support. 

  • BendPro SIM—This tube bending software solution animates a 3-D model on your PC to detect collisions, calculate bending sequences, and compute cycle times. It’s the dynamic simulation software for all your CNC tube bending applications.

Add additional functionality to your tube bending machines—Visit our CNC Tube Bender Controls and Software page to view our catalog of controls and software. 

The BendPro CNC control offers advanced diagnostics. We can remotely connect to the machine anywhere in the world with a simple cell phone connection. This allows us access to all machine functions, parameters and programming. Often we can provide a remedy for the problem over the remote connection in minutes.

Invite our team of experts to help you select the best options for your particular machine and industry application. We’ll assist with installation, service, and repair. For a no-cost consultation, contact us at (559) 431-4131. Here at HMT, we’re happy to help you find the perfect BendPro CNC control solution for your tube bender machines.