M4 Control System for Horn Metric Tube Benders

This lower cost control is only available for our HORN Metric line of tube benders.

M4 Features & Benefits

Free Editing

Teach Mode

Real Time Viewing


Extra I/O

Two-Way CMM Communication

Online Troubleshooting

There is a typical bending sequence applied when a program is compiled to machine moves. You can now change this sequence by inserting or deleting lines and/or editing values to change the machine moves.

You can teach the machine when and how servo/hydraulic axes retract after a bend is complete by moving those axes to target positions, a certain amount/distance, minimum/maximum position. There are no limits on the axes that can move simultaneously. We have moved up to ten axes simultaneously on both CNC30 aned 45EMR’s.

Machine moves will show on the touch-screen for operators to see what moves the machine is running. When the machine stops without alarms, this is the most convenient way for the operator to check where the machine stopped during the sequence and the state of sensors or switches (on or off).

Formats (templates) are available for “machine spec,” “tooling spec,” “tubing spec,” “delay setting,” and, “pressure setting,” in both manual and auto modes. Values in these formats can be modified as required. When settings are made in the manual/auto mode, all the settings can be saved to auto/manual mode for real time use.

Extra Input/Output module(s) can be added for robot, loader/un-loader, cutter, or any other equipment required to work with the tube bender in a manufacturing cell.

Measurement data can be transferred between tube measuring systems arm and the bender control including correction data to put in the”offset” automatically and keep the original data in the main columns. So far, Romer is the only tube measuring system that we have worked with. Other vendors will be added in the future.

Our software/service engineers are able to check software and machine problems online through TeamViewer as long as internet is available for tube bender PC.