Horn Metric CNC50TDRE-P Hybrid CNC Tube Bender with Hole Punching

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Fully supported and serviced in North America by HORN Machine Tools, Inc.

HMT has supplied a leading manufacturer of generator frames a CNC tube bender hole punching machine.

The dual stack Horn Metric CNC50TDRE CNC tube bender hole punching machine can automatically punch holes during the bend cycle. The system includes two punches of different sizes. The program is sequenced to position the tube, then punch holes on both sides. The system can be fitted with punches on both sides and punch two holes at a time for higher volume requirements. The CNC tube bender with punching utilizes the BendPro CNC control.

This same CNC Tube Bender hole punching system can be applied to many applications where punching is required on shapes that would otherwise require complex dies and stamping equipment.

HMT can automate CNC tube benders with various secondary process attachments. Punching, shearing, laser marking, dot ping marking, seam orientation, flattening, etc.

CNC Tube Bender Hole Punching

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General Info CNC50TBRE Hybrid CNC Tube Bender

  • Electric/Hydraulic Hybrid CNC Tube bender 50mm size

  • Electric drive bending with hydraulic tooling actuation

  • BendPro CNC controls with full simulation capability

  • Dual Stack Tooling mounting with Draw and Hole Punch Bending Capability

  • Value priced - a lot of machine for the money

  • Bend-arm (C-axis) by servo motor + exclusive transmission gears

  • Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor with high speed moves

  • Clamp, pressure die, and pressure die assist are hydraulic driven

  • Mandrel is hydraulic driven with early withdrawl

  • Collet (B-axis) : Rotation by servo motor

  • Tooling shift : Motion up-down hydraulic + left-right by servo motor

  • Automatic mandrel lubrication

  • Automatic tube support

  • Environmentally friendly, small power consumption, low noise & heat

Features Mitsubishi J4 servo motors & drives.


Utilizes Beckhoff sealed PC and high speed Ethernet I/O.


BendPro G2 V2 Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to operate

  • Extremely compact

  • 3D simulation

  • Easy to program

  • Avoidance moves

  • Online troubleshooting

Horn Machine Tools BendPro CNC

Specifications: CNC50TBRE Hybrid CNC Tube Bender