Eaton Leonard Rebuilds

Our Eaton Leonard rebuilds standard package for a VB-150 or VB-300 Eaton Leonard bender. This Eaton Leonard rebuilds package eliminates the old Ve-log or Premiere control systems. The drive chains on the carriage are also eliminated with the retro-fitting of geared drive servo motors. The Eaton Leonard bender rebuild package includes a complete mechanical and hydraulic overhaul, and a new Windows based Bendpro G2 V2 control system.

Eaton Leonard VB800 Before & After Rebuild

Eaton Leonard Rebuilds

Mechanical: (All tool mounting standard)

Completely strip down machine, sand blast, and paint with one coat primer, and one coat enamel.
Rebuild swing arm shaft, install new hardened tool plate on die boss.
Install new swing arm bearings. Check and adjust pre-load on bearings.
Install new drive chain and mounting links, replace idlers and bearings on chain.
Install new wear strips on swing away clamp, re-grind or replace clamp slide.
Install new pins and bushings on swing arm.
Install new wear strips on pressure die holder.
Install new follower bar and hardened master bar.
Install new wear strips on pressure die slide way, clean and lube then re-assemble and adjust.
Install new slide way and bearings on carriage.
Install new bearings on B axis spindle.
Rebuild master collet assembly and install new thrust bearing on collet closer.
Install new machine lube pump, replace all lines, hoses , meter units and fittings.
Rebuild wiper die mounting.
Rebuild mandrel base and adjustment nut.
Install new tube support, air cylinder and valve.


Remove all existing electrical control components and wiring.
Install all new machine sensors and wiring.
Install new Y and B axis drive system with geared drive servo motors.
Install rack and pinion drive for Y axis. Install gear head drive on B axis.
Install new cable carrier and all wiring to Y and B axis.
Install new encoder for C axis (swing arm).
Install new control system with touch screen operator interface.
Install all new electrical equipment enclosures.
Install all new wiring, flexible conduits, S.O. cords and related hardware.
Install new 30hp main drive motor, coupling and spider.
Install new main disconnect, fusing, motor starter and overload protection.
Install new safety mat system.
Install new digital oil temperature readout with alarms.


Clean out and wire brush hydraulic reservoir, install new suction screens.
Remove all old hydraulic components, lines, fittings, pumps and valves.
Install new Parker pressure compensated main pump.
Install new externally mounted hydraulic manifold.
Install new hydraulic electric solenoid valves.
Install new pressure control valves and gauges.
Install new proportional valve for bend axis.
Install new accumulator for pressure die.
Install new hydraulic hoses.
Hard chrome and repack all hydraulic cylinders.
Install new continuous hydraulic cooling and filtering system.
All new hydraulic components, hoses, fittings, valves and pumps are Parker brand.
Install new oil temperature sensor and new digital readout.


Operators manual with electrical/hydraulic schematics.

Standard new machine warranty applies.