Horn Machine Tools, Inc. Provides The Best USA-Made CNC Tube Bender

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is the premier, USA manufacturer of heavy duty ALL Electric CNC and semi-automatic tube and pipe benders. These domestically-made tube bending machines have a proven track record of reliability, because we stand by our products. Each tube bending machine is designed, engineered, and machined in-house to insure quality control.

Your satisfaction is our concern and we have built a reputation that is second to none for service and support after the sale. We offer a wide range of all electric and electric-hydraulic hybrid CNC tube bender to match your specifications. We also offer semi-automatic and specialty tube benders. These machines are 100% manufactured in the USA.

Outstanding features include:

• Innovative and Rugged HMT All Electric CNC tube bending machine designed for faster production rates and less set-up time.
• Our fully automated Heavy Duty CNC Tube Benders are equipped with the BendPro CNC control, the #1 CNC bender control system in North America.
• HMT CNC All Electric tube benders are designed with high output servo and gearbox systems which reduce non value added movement time and increase production rates.
• Our precision tube benders are configured for bending tight radius and difficult applications with any type or shape of material.
• The powerful carriage boosting system on the HMT CNC bender can reduce wall thinning and clamp slippage giving higher quality bends.
• The HMT multi-stack CNC bender can be set up for draw bending and roll forming on the same tube by using push bending technology.
• When equipped with a tube shear, our CNC bender can produce parts automatically with a tube loader and un-loader.
• The HMT Semi-automatic ultra-heavy duty tube bending machines are designed to fit your custom application: from bending boiler tubes, booster bending of thick wall pipe or elbows to aircraft alloys and big radius elbows and large conduit sweeps.
• Pipe Bender with a large capacity for thick walls or big ODs
• Pipe bending machines for shipyard with large boosting capacity for small radius, thick wall or large OD pipe bending.
• Specialty benders for punching and bending, sawing and bending, boiler tube and booster bending, aircraft bending, automotive part bending, and so much more!

HMT is known for building machines that fit the application and we’re also known for our expertise in performing onsite rebuilds and retrofits. When it comes to tube bending, forming, manipulation, and fabrication, Horn Machine Tools is simply the best.

Contact us today for a free quote on a new or rebuilt tube bender machine: (559) 431-4131.

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