Maintenance Services for Tube Bending Machines

HMT can offer a wide range of tube bending machine maintenance services to assist your efforts.

Online Diagnostics

With a simple internet connection, HMT can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot many problems and programming issues. Our expert service advisors can see the entire tube bending machine machine control system in real time from the office. If a onsite service visit is required, the remote diagnostics will help to prepare and plan the repair event with less downtime and expense.

Onsite Evaluation

We can send one of our senior field service experts to your facility for a thorough inspection and evaluation of all systems. Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Tooling and associated systems will all be carefully inspected and a report made that will show which needs need further attention. This service can be especially helpful when considering a control upgrade to determine the condition of the machines before installing a new control. A sample report form is available below.


Onsite Control Update

To prolong the tube bending machines life and realize additional capital payback, sometimes it may make sense to install an updated control system on your machine. HMT has installed many control systems on nearly every make and model of machine. We are a certified installer of the BendPro CNC control, in fact we have install more systems than anyone else in the industry. Our process is thorough; no shortcuts will be taken so rest assured the job will be done right.

Maintenance Plans

HMT can offer onsite scheduled preventative tube bending machine maintenance services for extending the life of your investment. Our expert technicians will inspect, adjust and perform all required maintenance task. We will also back –up the CNC control system and perform accuracy testing on all axes.


HMT offers onsite operator and tube bending machine maintenance services training to all our customers. A course can be designed to meet the specific needs of operators for bending theory, faster setups, programming, safety and maintenance needs. A sample of our Bending 101 course is available below.