HMT Provides Mandrel Bender Machines, With Mandrel Tube Bender Controls, for Wrinkle-Free Tube Bends

Many industries require the bends in tubes to be smooth and devoid of wrinkles. A special CNC tube bender machine is needed to bend tubes on a tight radius without showing seams or stress to the tubes. A selection of CNC mandrel bender machines, along with mandrel tube bender controls, are available from us her at Horn Machine Tools, Inc.


The mandrel bend is particularly important in the performance auto industry, and it is also commonly used for the motorcycle exhaust pipes. For these applications, the tubing must be smooth on the outside and inside of the tube. A smooth bend is necessary for the smooth transference of liquids and gasses, creating as little turbulence as possible. Avoid crush piping, because the grooves or wrinkles will prevent free flowing exhaust.

When purchasing a mandrel tube-bending machine, make sure to get the training and support to ensure the most out of your machine. Here at HMT, we pride ourselves on service. Customer support does not end with the sale. We install, train, and commission all tube bending machines that we manufacture, including mandrel tube benders. As Kent Horn, President of Horn Machine Tools, Inc. states, “Our machines are durable and long lasting, and we have the service and support to back it.”


Rely on our extensive warranty, which covers any defective electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic components. We even have a 30-Day Return Policy.


To purchase the mandrel machine to fit your materials and applications, contact our team of experts today. We’ll help you to find the most cost-saving choice, and we’ll keep your specs in mind. Our no-obligation consultations are free. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at (559) 431-4131.