Pines Bender Rebuilds

This is our standard Pines Bender rebuilds package .

It includes completely new electrical controls, hydraulic system and a complete mechanical rebuild. Our Pines bender rebuilds package includes tearing down the machine to the bare frame and rebuilding or replacing all components so that when completed the machine will have new machine tolerances, specifications and appearance. The HMT rebuilt Pines Bender can be performance enhanced.

Pines #4 Before & After Rebuild

Pines Bender Rebuilds

Mechanical: (All tool mounting standard)

Completely strip down machine, bead blast core to bare frame, and paint with one coat epoxy primer, and one coat enamel color.
Rebuild swing arm shaft with new bearings, install new drive sprocket, bearings and chain.
Replace bearing in idle sprocket.
Install new replaceable tooling plate on die boss.
Install new deep-seated bend die drive key, centering ring and die boss stud.
Rebuild pressure die holder and install new follower bar.
Inspect and correct alignment of pressure die and follower.
Resurface clamp holder, Install new half round, inspect and correct alignment of holder.
Replace slides with new steel slides and replaceable Aluma-Bronze wear strips.
Install new capture bars, lube, re-assemble and adjust.
Replace all toggle bushings and pins.
Resurface wiper die holder.
Replace all tooling bolts and mounting hardware with grade 8 components.
Install new Bijur lube system, lines and hoses, replace meter units.
Install new safety warning labels. Paint tool holders and safety guards yellow.

Electrical: (Complete rewire with new PLC control)

Remove all existing electrical control components and wiring.
Replace all machine sensors, limit switches and wiring.
Install new encoder for bend axis.
Install new model 1AXB+, PLC based digital controls.
Install new wiring, flexible conduits, equipment enclosures S.O. cords and related hardware.
Install new Baldor main drive motor.
Includes operator control pedestal with touch screen interface.

Hydraulic: (Complete replacement/rebuild of hydraulic system)

Clean out and bead blast hydraulic reservoir, replace suction screens.
Install new main hydraulic pump(s), coupling and spider.
Install new valve system for pressure die with independent pressure controls.
Install new valve system for PDA with independent pressure controls.
Install new manifold mounted hydraulic solenoid valves.
Replace all hydraulic hoses, lines and fittings. External mount all plumbing.
Hard chrome and repack all hydraulic cylinders.


Two copies of operators manual with electrical, mechanical and hydraulic schematics.

Rebuilt Pines Benders include our Standard new machine warranty