Used / Rebuilt Benders

HMT Keeps Used Tubing Benders In Service: We Provide Rebuilt Tube Benders and Control Retrofits to Upgrade Your Existing Machines.

Contact us to discuss performance enhancements available for your machines.

Rebuilt CNC Tube Bender
Rebuild Pines#4
Eaton Leonard Rebuild

Pines Bender

Back in 1990, Kent Horn began rebuilding his first single-axis tube bender, and he and his company have helped customers to keep older tubing benders in service ever since then. As President of Horn Machine Tools, Inc., he created a company that can rebuild and retrofit tube benders of any brand or type. Protecting customers investment by keeping used, rebuilt tube benders in operation is central to our business.

Our CNC tube bender rebuilding services are marked by superior customer service. Looking for a used tube bending machine to fill your needs? Check out our current inventory. We’re always updating the list with our CNC bender rebuilds. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us with your specs and we’ll find the best machine to get your job done: (559) 431-4131. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote on a retrofit, too.

HMT has a large inventory of rebuilt and used benders available for speedy delivery. We can work around any tight budget: review our rebuilt and used bender inventory. Advise us with your needs. Our rebuilt machine benders come with the same warranty protection and have the same controls as our new tube bender machines!

Upgrade and rebuild all of your makes and models including many brands of tube benders such as:

Unison, Eaton – Leonard, Addison and AddisonMckee, Wallace & Wallace Coast, Eagle Precision Technologies, BLM, Schwarze-Wirtz, Adaptive Motion, Eurobend, Crown, MiiC, Chiyoda, Pedrazolli, Conrac, Bema, 3RC, Clark Lewis, Di-Acro, Trans Fluid, YLM, Hines, Soco