Shipyard Tube Bender Applications

Rely on Horn Machine Tools, Inc. for Shipyard Pipe Bending Machinery

Many of the world’s leading shipbuilders rely on Horn Machine Tools, Inc. for their tube bending machine needs. We have the technology and experience in shipyard pipe bending to provide machines to fill a wide range of applications. In fact, our machines are in use throughout the world, including Northrup-Grumman Ingalls Shipyard, where they use our machines to bend piping systems for nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

Our heavy-duty shipyard pipe benders are tops in efficiency, creating an enormous cost savings in scrap material. Fast set-up time helps to streamline warehouse production. Our experts here at HMT can help you to speed up the process of setting new details for each pipe configuration. We’ll show you how to integrate and automate our tube bender machine to produce pipes that fit the exacting specifications of your parameters.

Check out the HMT tube bending models designed for shipyard applications: our HMT #4, #6, and #8. Add an in-line boost system to create tight radius pipe bends in tubes with thick walls. For instance, our HMT #8 model bends heavy-duty pipe up to an 80-pipe capacity.

For a complimentary consultation, reach us at (559) 431-4131. We deliver service you can trust, offering support assistance when you need it, by phone, over the Web, or in person.

Whether you are seeking a new shipyard and marine equipment tube bender, an rebuilt model, or looking to retrofit a present tube bender to fit your new requirements, contact us here at Horn Machine Tools, Inc. Name your material and shape, and we’ll provide you with the best shipyard tube mending machine to fit the job. We are competitive on price, and we can provide the expertise and solutions to meet your production and quality needs. Made in the USA, trust Horn Machine Tools.

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