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At Horn Machine Tools, this is our motto:

“The sales team duty is to find the customers, develop the first order and then it’s our service team who will earn the customer’s trust and respect which will secure future orders”.

Years ago, back in the 1980’s before Horn Machine Tools existed, our founder Mr. Horn was employed as a maintenance technician and then a Plant Engineer. His firsthand experience in managing maintenance operations at large companies gave him the ability to understand the value of service and support for his tube bender customers. We know our best customers are the ones we already have, and we work hard to keep them. The technical development of our tube bending machines developed along with keeping ease of service and support in mind.

Service Mission Statement:

“Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional service staff will help inspire and educate our customers while providing solutions for all their tube bending machine issues. The HMT service team will become part of your team to achieve one common goal: Excellent Results.”

Our goal is to make your bending application perform in the best possible way. HMT offers a wide variety of services; we take the time and listen to you and address your specific needs. We understand that every pipe bending application is unique and deserves our utmost attention. We cover services such as Onsite Bender Assessments, Bender Repairs on mechanical, hydraulic, electrical & control systems, Online Troubleshooting, and Bender Operator/Maintenance Training. We offer Repair Parts, and so much more. We service all of our tube benders and a large majority of other brands out in the field.

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