Horn Metric A89TNCB Hydraulic NC Tube Bender

Fully supported and serviced in North America by HORN Machine Tools, Inc.

The Horn Metric A89TNCB is a 3.50“ single axis semi automatic tube bending machine designed for single bends or simple multi bend parts. Both left hand and right hand benders are available

This value priced A89TNCB Tube Bending Machine is an excellent choice for general purpose fabrication. Industries that use this machine are; aircraft bending, job shop, automotive, hydraulic shops, HVAC copper bending, fuel lines, aluminum tubes for AC units and any other type of conventional tube bending applications.

The machine incorporates a compact design which minimizes floor space.

HMT can provide tool mountings to utilize most types of existing bend dies.

General Info A89TNCB Hydraulic NC Tube Bender

  • Hydraulic NC Tube bender 89mm size

  • Single axis tube bender

  • Hydraulic driven chain C-Axis (Bend Arm)

  • Pressure die assist (Follower Die)

  • Mandrel extractor with 3 mandrel rods

  • Includes a set of mechanical stops

  • Includes an air cooled hydraulic systems

PLC controller with 10″ touch screen display

Memory storage of up to 1,000 part programs

Specifications: A89TNCB Hydraulic NC Tube Bender