Horn Metric A50TNC-PB Hydraulic NC Tube Bender

Fully supported and serviced in North America by HORN Machine Tools, Inc.

The Horn Metric A50TNC-PB is a 2.00” multi axis semi automatic tube bending machine designed to form multi bend & multi plane part shapes. This tube bending machine offers CNC like bending capability at a much lower cost. Both left hand and right hand benders are available

This value priced A50TNC-PB Tube Bending Machine is an excellent choice for general purpose fabrication. Industries that use this machine are; aircraft bending, job shop, automotive, hydraulic shops, HVAC copper bending, fuel lines, aluminum tubes for AC units and any other type of conventional tube bending applications.

The machine incorporates a compact design which minimizes floor space.

HMT can provide tool mountings to utilize most types of existing bend dies.

General Info A50TNC-PB Hydraulic NC Tube Bender

  • Hydraulic NC Tube bender 50mm size

  • Semi-automatic 3 axis tube bender

  • Hydraulic driven chain C-Axis (Bend Arm)

  • Collet (B-axis) : Rotation by servo motor

  • Manual driven carriage (Y-axis) with optional Digital Read Out (DRO)

  • Pressure die assist (Follower Die)

  • Includes an air cooled hydraulic systems

  • Includes a set of mechanical stops

PLC controller with 10″ touch screen display

Memory storage of up to 1,000 part programs

Specifications: A50TNC-PB Hydraulic NC Tube Bender