HMT 8.0STD Hydraulic NC Tube Bender

Standard NC bender that is capable of up to 8″ Tube or 6″ Schedule 80 pipe.

General Info: HMT8.0STD Hydraulic NC Tube Bender

The HMT 8.0STD is a Heavy Duty single axis bender available in 30″ and 60″ radius models. The Ergonomic, low profile design keeps work close to the floor. To increase rigidity, oversized bearings are used in the bend head. The bender has a high output 50hp hydraulic system with a proportional controlled bend arm. The Bend arm develops 110,000 ft/lbs of torque, and is configured to bend tight radius or large radius bends on large OD tube.

HMT 1AXB+ Features

  • Automatic and Manual Modes

  • Configurable memory storage of part programs

  • Accuracy capability is 1/10th of a degree

  • Proportional control of hydraulic bend axis supported

  • Programmable pressure control supported

  • 3 Axis semi-automatic bending supported

  • Boost bending with variable pressure during bend supported

  • Robust design with off the shelf non-proprietary components

  • Allen-Bradley PLC based with standard ladder logic program

  • Operator learning curve = Minutes!

  • Prompts and menus to guide operator

  • Adapts to loading devices, robots, and secondary operatoins

Specifications: HMT8.0STD Hydraulic NC Tube Bender