HMT Brand Promise

To deliver quality built machines and systems on-time with Great Service and Communication by making our Customers a partner in the process. Every need and concern they have is our reason for being in business. ~”We produce EXCELLENT RESULTS”

HMT Story

By: Kent Horn


It was 1992 when I received a call from a customer who had bought a rebuilt tube bending machine. from another company, which had my control, and the customer said “The only thing done right on the tube bending machine was the control system”. He was so upset with the poor quality of the rebuilt machine, but was really impressed with the quality of the control. The customer was expecting a fully rebuilt tube bending machine, though all he received was a tube bending machine with a few things fixed, a paint job, and a new control. Then when problems arose with the tube bending machine, no service was available. Right then it became clear to me! I thought: “If I can do the control well, and this upset customer is pleased with it…then why not build the whole tube bending machine?”


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Tube Bending Machines Sales


This was the start of what today is Horn Machine Tools, Inc. I had only been developing tube bending machine controls on a part-time basis. This customer provided the clear opportunity to respond to a market in need of high quality rebuilt tube bending machines with the technical service to back them up. So I began to rebuild tube bending machines using the frame up process that we still use today. After rebuilding machines for a few years we responded to the marketplace’s need for automation and fully automatic CNC tube bending machines, and began retrofitting old single axis benders into full CNC automated benders with all the latest technologies and features. We were the first company to do this in the industry.


In 1996 I incorporated the business as Horn Machine Tools, Inc. After performing several CNC conversions, we realized that the only part of the old machine we were really using was the old beat up frame. So in 1997 our tube bender machine company began building our own machine from the ground up, with improved designs that I had developed from analyzing our rebuilding process. From the very beginning our tube bender machine company has grown in response to marketplace demands for new tube bending machine products with improved designs and quality service. In 2001, to further service our customers’ needs, we opened a tube bending machine service and rebuild facility in Indianapolis. A few years later we also added a sales and service positions in St. Paul and Ft. Worth.


 To respond to a broader market and offer a more competitive product, we added an additional bender line which is made by Chiao Sheng Machinery in Taiwan. Our CSM tube bender product line is second to none with standard US tool mounts and BendPro CNC controls


This was in response to increased demands by the industry for a wide variety of machines from value priced to the highest level of automation. As a result, HMT has the most diverse offering of tube bending machines in the industry. From a simple stand alone machine, a fully All Electric CNC tube bender, or a sophisticated robotic production cell; our tube bender machine company can supply and service them all. We will also never forget the roots of the company and still rebuild all brands of tube bending machines. Responding to the customer has built Horn Machine Tools, Inc into its position of industry leadership and one of the top tube bender companies in the world.