Rebuilding Services for AddisonMckee CNC Tube Benders

Rebuilt CNC Tube Bender

AddisonMckee CNC Tube Bender Rebuilds can be preformed on any type or size of machine. The hydraulic machines can be fully rebuilt with new valves, hoses, pump and motor.

The original Siemens servo motors and drives are becoming obsolete. They can be replaced with another brand. New cables will also be installed.

The machine will be mechanically rebuilt. New bearings will be installed in the bend head. New linear bearings will be installed on all slides. The ball screws can be replaced or possibly reconditioned.

AddisonMckee CNC Tube Bender rebuilds can extend the life of an older machine. Pictured left is an AddisonMckee DB75 ESRB all electric CNC tube bender. We can rebuild the machine mechanically. Install all new servo motors and drives. Install a new BendPro CNC control. Then the machine will be painted. After this work is performed the machine will be restored to like new condition. All work performed by HMT will be covered under warranty for 1 year.


If desired a control only process can be done in the field. We can replace all the electric servo motors and drives. We will also rewire the machine completely. After the new BendPro CNC control is installed, the machine tested thoroughly and tuned for optimum performance.

Rebuilt CNC Tube Bender HMT

One issue with the ESRB machines is that the small motor which adjust the clamp has become obsolete. HMT can replace this motor with another brand to remedy this situation.

For more infomation regarding AddisonMckee CNC Tube Bender rebuilds please contact us at 559-431-4131