Machines That Make Money for Your Business

HMT builds high speed, all-electric, incredibly rugged machines that set up automatically, very quickly and are intentionally designed to withstand 24/7 production. These benders
will increase the productivity of your business, boost profits and give you the edge on the competition.

Based On Years of Experience and Proven Designs

Our All Electric machines are based on 22 years of experience of building tube benders. All the rigidity and power you’ve come to appreciate in an HMT machine is now available with the Clamp and Pressure Die driven by LARGE Electric Servos, resulting in the ultimate high performance CNC bender.

Featuring the #1 CNC Bender Control in North America

With 1000’s of systems in North America, BendPro G2™ is #1 . The system is well known with more support and more knowledgeable operators available than any other CNC bender control. Since 2001, HMT has been the largest user of BendPro , let us help your staff become experts to reduce setup time, reduce scrap, increase quality and boost productivity.


Blazing fast bending, 180 degrees in 1 second

  • Quad Stack: Mount 4 stacks of full-size tooling

  • Draw bend, push roll or both

  • Low-interference bend head & swing arm

  • Proven drive system: 10 years in service.

Specifically designed for tooling rigidity

  • 4 large linear rails and 8 linear bearing on Clamp

  • 3 extra large linear rails and 5 linear bearings on PD

  • No flex in setup, which improves tooling life

  • Heavy duty roller screw drive for precise tool pressure

  • FAST clamping, reduces non value added cycle time

Powerful Y axis boosted carriage

  • High speed, 3000 IPM with full force

  • Dual hardened helical gear racks, concealed in frame

  • Large linear rails for guiding carriage and long life

  • Tight radius bending or push rolling large radius arcs

True multi-stack and multi-radius

  • Up/Down pressure die reduces tooling requirement

  • Able to mount 2 pressure dies of different sizes

  • Able to mount combo of PD’s and roller dies

  • High speed stack shifting, less than 1.5 seconds

High production bending is more than just bending speed, it also must include fast clamping, stack shifting and tube re-positioning in order to reduce cycle time. Our machines offer a perfect combination of speed and precise control for the most demanding applications.