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Horn Machine Tools, Inc. Tube bender – Tube Laser News. We are committed to delivering the machinery, service, and support to fill all of your tube bending & tube laser needs. We are on the cutting edge of advanced design, which is why many internationally known companies, across many different industries, seek us out. Read our tube bender news—Catch a glimpse of how our CNC tube bender & Tube Laser Cutting innovations can serve your company.

Tube Bender - Tube Laser News

• HMT Tube Laser at Fabtech 2017

• AMTRAK selects HMT All Electric Bender

• HMT & Omni-x Mexico form Strategic Alliance

• HMT adds new Sales and Service expertise in Northwest

• HMT Expansion 2015— HMT purchases additional manufacturing space and adds large capacity CNC mills

• All Electric HMT Line of Tube Bending Machines—Made in USA!

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AMTRAK selects HMT ALL Electric Bender

HMT All Electric Bender

AMTRAK has selected a HMT 2.0E All Electric Bender for next generation of high speed trains…

New HMT Southeast Sales & Service


HMT is pleased to announce that Mr. Daniel Gilbert (Left) has joined the HMT team as sales and service tech for HMT in the Southeast USA

New HMT Northwest Representative

Tube bender - Tube Laser News Thomas Kreofsky

HMT is pleased to announce that Mr. Thomas Kreofsky (right) has been appointed exclusive sales and service representative for HMT in the Northwest USA and western Canadian territories.


Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful implementation of our fully all electric line of tube benders…


Bombardier Recreational Products, Valcourt Ontario, Canada manufactures off road vehicles, motorcycles…

HMT & Omni-x Mexico Strategic Alliance

cnc tube bender tooling, bend dies, Omni-x mexico, horn machine tools, strategicalliance,

HMT & Omni-X Mexico form strategic sales and service alliance for Mexico and South America.


Tube bender - Tube Laser News

Horn Machine Tools, Inc purchases additional manufacturing space and adds large capacity machining

CNC Tube Bender with Hole Punch

CNC Tube Bender hole punching, Tube bender - Tube Laser News

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. has supplied CNC benders with integrated  tooling to punch holes during the bend cycle…


Horn machine Tools, Inc. has developed specially designed machines which form large diameter thick…

HMT Tube Laser at Fabtech

Tube Laser, Laser Tube cutting machine, BLM, Trumpf, LVD, Mazak

HMT will have it’s latest semi-automatic tube laser at Fabtech 2017…

Bending Shape Tube Profiles

Electric CNC Tube Bender Rolling interpolation

HMT supplies manufacturers with All Electric CNC Tube benders for bending and roll forming shape tubes…


Madera, Calf. USA; For their new generation of road graders Caterpillar has selected The HMT 8.0 C…


Marinette Marine Corporation MMC, a Fincantieri company, has awarded HMT a contract over $1 million…