Replacement Parts for Pines Benders

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is please to offer high quality heavy duty replacement parts for all Pines pipe benders. We carry these pipe bender replacement parts in stock for quick delivery.
Save 25% to 40% over OEM prices!

How to order:

  1. Download the easy to use E-catalog and pick out the pipe bender replacement parts you need.
  2. Send the request to HMT.
  3. Or, you can just print the page(s) and circle the parts you need and fax it to HMT at 559-431-4131.
  4. You can also download thur quote request form and fill it out then fax it or email to:
  5. You can call HMT at 559-431-4131 and talk to customer service about you request.
  6. One of our customer service techs will process your request quickly and respond with a quote.

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for HIT in the USA*.


Haller International Technologies, Inc. located near Detroit, MI, is in the machine tool replacement parts business. They have in-house capability to make high quality, durable replacement parts for screw machines, bar feeders and other machine tools. The company is now focusing their attention on replacement parts for all models of Pines pipe benders.
*HMT is the Exclusive Distributor throughout the USA except the state of Michigan.