The Horn Machine Tools Experts Provide the Perfect Solution to Fit Your Company’s Tube Bender Needs

Here at Horn Machine Tools, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution to fit your company’s needs. As the world’s premier tube bender experts, we provide the specific machinery to streamline production in your particular industry. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach—Instead, we supply the machine that fits your specifications and your budget.

Visit our full range of new NC and CNC tube bender machines. The new line of all-electric, American-made HMT Benders is made for heavy-duty high-production tasks. These machines are capable of bending tubes from 2 to 10 inches. Our cost-effective imported Horn Metric Line is capable of bending sizes from ¼ inch all the way up to 10 inches. See our inventory page for machines currently in stock.

The HMT team also upgrades, retrofits, and rebuilds any make and model of tube bending machines. Our used and rebuilt benders include well known and lesser-known brands of tube benders, all ready for speedy delivery. Receive the same warranty and controls on our fully rebuilt benders as available on our new tube bending machines!

For controls and software, Horn Machine Tools uses the #1 system in North America: BendPro CNC Control System. This U.S.-developed and supported software is incorporated in thousands of units in the field. You’ll find it in all of HMT’s new and rebuilt tube bender machines.

Our measuring machines are built to meet your specific requirements. With our partnership with FARO Technology, the world’s metrology leader, HMT offers you innovative contact and laser probes, along with precise measuring arms for the most challenging measurement applications. When incorporated with easy-to-use Advanced Tubular’s V-Tube Laser Software, you’ll have the perfect solution to your metrology needs.

The Horn Machine Tools experts take into consideration your application constraints, including the materials, part shapes, and tube sizes. We also examine the number of parts to be produced, and then weigh in your budget constraints to help you see a return on investment. Contact us for a free consultation at (559) 431-4131

HMT 3point5

A range of CNC and NC tube benders capable of bending anything from .25 tube to 10” tube.

BendPro CNC, tube bender control, BendPro G2, BendPro tube bender control

Horn Machine Tools offers the BendPro CNC control system on all of our new and rebuilt tube benders.

Faro equipment used in conjunction with Advanced Tubular’s V-Tube Laser software creates the perfect solution for every company’s metrology requirements.


Upgrade and rebuild all of your makes and models including well known brand tube benders.