HMT 3.0E-MS All Electric CNC Tube Bender

The HMT 3.0E-MS All Electric CNC Tube Bender has 3.0″ OD capacity. It’s a fully equipped multi-stack machine for bending tight radius exhaust or complex shapes. This powerful machine is designed for severe duty with continuous production and fast cycle times.

Typical applications for the versatile HMT 3.0E-MS All Electric CNC Tube Bender are automotive exhaust, tractor cab bending, roll forming, pipe bending, shipyard or job shop. Anywhere high volume or demanding applications require high forming forces along with precision accuracy.

HMT 3.0E-MS All Electric CNC Tube Bender


  • FAST bending speed; 180 degrees per second

  • Fast stack shifting and other non-value added movements

  • Powerful; designed for 24/7 production

  • Accurate; consistent bending ALL DAY – EVERY DAY

  • Capable; Designed for 1xd tight radius bending on 4 stacks

  • Versatile; Draw bending and Push rolling

  • Available with optional tube shear

Model Styles Available:

HMT 3.0E-MS….. Multi-stack CNC

HMT 3.0E-SS…… Single Stack CNC

HMT 3.0E…… Single Bend, No Carriage

General Information HMT 3.0E-MS

  • Fully All Electric CNC bender with 3.0″ (80mm) capacity

  • 14 Axis servo controlled, no hydraulics

  • Automatic set up, no wrenches needed to adjust tool pressure

  • BendPro CNC controls, with full simulation capability

  • True multi-stack and multi-radius capability with up/down PD

  • Highly rigid tool guiding for extreme rigidity

  • Bend-arm (C-axis) by servo motor with direct drive gearbox

  • Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor with helical gear rack

  • Clamp, pressure die, and pressure die assist are servo driven

  • Mandrel is servo driven with early withdrawl

  • Collet (B-axis) : Rotation by servo motor

  • Tooling shift : Motion up-down + left-right by servo motor

  • Automatic mandrel lubrication

  • Automatic Tube Support

  • Environmentally friendly, no hydraulics, low noise & heat

Features Yaskawa or Bosch-Rexroth servo motors and drives.


Utilizes Beckhoff sealed PC and high speed Ethernet I/O.


BendPro G2 V2 Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to operate

  • Extremely compact

  • 3D simulation

  • Easy to program

  • Avoidance moves

  • Online troubleshooting

Horn Machine Tools BendPro CNC